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Caring for Christmas Trees: Frequently Asked Questions

19th January 2021

Christmas trees aren’t all that high maintenance but they are living things that require some degree of attention and care in the home. They begin to die just as soon as they are cut, but just like cut flowers that draw water up through their stems, Christmas trees have a similar remarkable ability to absorb water by capillary action through their bark.

Where’s the best place for a Christmas tree at home?

By a window and as far away as possible from any heat sources like radiators and fires so that it remains as cool as possible and thrives. The last thing a Christmas tree needs is exposure to any sudden changes in temperature because they are creatures of habit and prefer steady conditions. Once you’ve picked your perfect place, it can become a new tradition year after year!

Do Christmas trees need trimming?

Christmas trees naturally form a layer of sap to seal their cut surface preventing water absorption, but removing about half an inch from the base should solve this problem by opening the pores in the bark back up again. For optimum water uptake, the tree should be cut perpendicular to its trunk  – angling reduces the surface area that absorbs water plus it also makes the tree trickier to remain upright in a stand and therefore less stable.

Should Christmas trees be watered daily?

Absolutely. Christmas trees are thirsty things that require a lot of water to keep them healthy and vibrant.  The water in the tree stand should be checked daily and topped up as required and plain water is best – they don’t require soil or sand because they only end up blocking the pores in the bark again. Christmas tree stands are therefore a better idea than a bucket packed with bricks or stones.

What’s the best way to water Christmas trees and how much water are we talking?

Christmas trees can drink up to three pints of water every day depending on several variables like size and intensity of the central heating, but water temperature itself doesn’t affect the tree’s water uptake. It’s important to keep on top of watering routines so that the water level doesn’t drop below the tree’s trunk. The moment this happens sap will re-seal the bark within a few hours, preventing the tree from drinking any further water even if the Christmas tree stand is quickly refilled.  Thirsty pooches can also often be guilty of taking the odd sneaky drink from your Christmas tree stand!

Is it normal for cut Christmas trees to lose needles immediately?

Trees naturally shed needles all year round so a few needles on the floor right from the moment the tree makes its debut is nothing to worry about. It’s a different matter if the tree starts shedding excessively – with dryness being the likely culprit. Signs of a dried-out tree are a faded colour and wrinkled bark and twigs but fortunately, this is extremely rare.

So there you have it, a few of our most frequently asked questions, check out our website if you need any more answers!

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