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History of The Christmas Tree

21st December 2020

Every year we climb up into the attic, find the Christmas decorations, and decorate our Scottish grown Christmas trees without even thinking about it! We put wreaths on our doors, tinsel around the fireplace and stars onto of the trees on auto-pilot. It’s just something we do, it makes us feel Christmassy and excited! But have you ever wondered why we do it and when this tradition first started? Let’s see if we can answer that very question!

Where it started

We all know the origin on Christmas itself, the age-old tale of the birth of Jesus, this story is told to us all when we’re tiny, but what about the origin of the tree itself? Credit has to be given to the Germans who brought trees into their home and decorated them with candles, this was then taken to America and the Christmas tree as we know it today was born.

What it’s like now

Now all over the country, Christmas means cheesy music, huge meals, family, decorations hanging from the ceiling, lots of drinks and getting dressed up to sit in your living room! The best thing about Christmas is the fact that its different for everyone and means different things to everyone, its the one day a year where everyone can relax, have fun and tell the people they love how loved they are!

Tress around the world

There are many different Christmas Tree traditions all over the world, from decorations you can eat to real candles or spiderwebs- let’s take a look at her other countries decorate their trees at Christmas time!


With France being so close to us you’d think our trees would be pretty similar- we are wrong. years ago they used to place fresh fruit on their trees to celebrate the harvest, but after a bad harvest one year the fresh fruit was replaced with ornaments, mainly apples, to symbolise the garden of Eden!


How do real lit candles sound? Bit of a fire hazard? We agree… This is a very common tradition in Germany, the candles are lit to represent a starry night, very pretty but can be very dangerous, over years they have been replaced with electric candles!


Of course, the Swedes have their traditions, a very patriotic one at that! Garlands with the national flag cover their trees along with flag printed baubles, it’s not surprising with how proud they are of their nation!

So there you have it. Christmas tree traditions from around the world you can pass on to your customers when buying your wholesale Christmas trees!

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