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Recycle your Scottish grown Christmas tree

28th July 2020

What to do when Christmas is over

When the holidays have come to an end, the presents have been opened, songs have been sung, and the dinners have been devoured, it’s time to take the decorations down until next year! But for those who choose a real Christmas tree, there is still some thinking to do. There are many eco-friendly ways to dispose of and recycle your tree without just chucking it in the bin. Here at Galloway Woodlands, we strive for the best Wholesale Christmas Tree.

Here are 10 ways to recycle your tree

  1. You can chop and dry the tree and use it for indoor firewood; the wood will still be wet, so make sure you season it first!
  2. Alternatively, you can chop and burn it in an outdoor fire pit, this way it isn’t necessary to dry the wood out.
  3. Collect the pine needles and put them in little bags around your home make the smell of fresh-cut pine last. Make sure you pick a bag that has holes in it or one that is thin enough to allow the scent to escape.
  4. Place the tree in a stand in your garden and hang bird feeders from the branches to provide a feeding space for birds and local wildlife.
  5. Find a local chipper or someone who owns one and take your tree to get turned into wood chips for your garden! These are perfect for flower beds.
  6. Cook with the pine needles! Add them into any roast veg, broth or gravy for a minty, fresh, pine-like flavour. However, make sure your tree hasn’t been sprayed with herbicides first and wash them thoroughly if safe to use.
  7. How about tea? Steep the needles in boiling water to make a simple yet fragrant tea rich in Vitamins A&C. Again, check for those herbicides and pesticides first!
  8. Add the pine needles to a refreshing foot spa; the natural anti-bacterial properties will release leaving your feet soft, fresh and smelling great!
  9. Strip your tree down and turn your trunk into household decorations such as coasters, candle holders or even make Christmas decorations for next year! This can be a fun tradition to start for those with children, make sure a responsible adult is present at all times. Safety-first!
  10. Contact your local council to and seek advice or donate your tree to help them make compost or reinforce riverbanks! Different councils will have different uses for them, keep that community spirit going.

Get your thinking caps on for ways to recycle your Scottish grown Christmas tree this year.

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