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That’s a Wrap at Galloway Woodlands!

29th November 2019

It takes a long time to grow a Christmas tree. It takes ten years for a Nordmann Fir to reach the ideal height for a Christmas tree to grace your home or office – around 7ft. 

It takes ten years to grow a Christmas tree.

It’s December – and what a year it’s been here at Galloway Woodlands! You might think that now that our Scottish grown trees are all despatched safely to their retailers, that we can sit back and crack open the Quality Street, but alas no. We’ve plenty of work to be doing to get our trees ready for next Christmas.

Throughout those ten years, we lovingly nurture and shape each tree to make sure each one grows to its maximum potential. Growing our trees here in Scotland reduces their carbon footprint (no cross-channel transportation), is more sustainable and is better for the environment. So while we’re quietly growing and tending our trees, what are the benefits of forests for the environment? 

Fortunately for human beings, trees produce clean air – and we each need roughly 7 or 8 trees worth of oxygen a year, so our trees are worth looking after. 

As well as environmental benefits, trees provide real health benefits – both physical and mental.

Get fit in the forest.

Forests are great places for recreation – providing cycling routes to suit both beginners and daredevils, areas for outdoor pursuits like tai chi, yoga and of course outdoor eating. (It shouldn’t need saying but  remember to take your rubbish home with you). 

Trees create a tapestry of colour and shape that changes throughout the year, and the colour green is renowned for its calming influence – providing welcome relief from eye strain caused by too much smartphone or computer use. Their ability to block and absorb sound helps reduce noise pollution by around 40%, which makes them great spots for quiet contemplation!

Why you need to hug a tree

Trees do their bit for climate change by helping reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

  • Trees are natural air conditioners through their efficient absorption and filtering systems.
  • Trees capture and slow rainfall and their roots filter water and recharge the aquifer.
  • Trees provide home and shelter to many native birds and woodland creatures.
  • Tree-lined streets are known to add value to residential property – sometimes selling for up to 25% more than their treeless counterparts.
  • Higher productivity and less absenteeism is reported in offices with trees and green space visible from windows.

If you’ve chosen a Scottish grown tree this year, we hope it’s a Galloway Woodlands tree, and that you have a fun filled and merry festive season. See you next year!

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